Lost your reading mojo?

7 tips for helping you rekindle it

Why do you read fiction? Most people read for pleasure. But recent world events have often made fact seem stranger than fiction. And many people have completely lost the habit of getting lost in a good novel as a form of escapism.

Reading fiction remains one of the best methods for switching off from your troubles for a while. If you have lost your love of reading fiction, here are some simple tips for recovering that mojo.

1.         Re-read a favourite book.

It’s always comforting to reconnect with familiar characters. And you can dip in and out and enjoy your favourite parts if you feel unable to tackle the entire book. Why not look up one of your favourite authors and see if there are any works in their back catalogue that you haven’t yet explored?

2.         Get recommendations.

There’s nothing better than a trusted friend, family member or colleague putting just the right book into your hands. You can get great recommendations from librarians, bookshop staff or websites such as Goodreads.

3.         Read shorter books.

If you’re out of the habit, ‘Crime and Punishment’ is just going to feel daunting. Or read books structured in short chapters: the cliffhangers are designed to ensure you read ‘just one more chapter’. Thrillers are often perfect for this.

4.         Make reading a priority.

Set aside time and don’t feel guilty for doing so. Go to bed early, or turn the TV off. You might allow yourself five minutes to curl up with a book and a hot drink after work. It’ll soon become a habit, and you’ll miss it if you don’t do it.

5.         Don’t rule out reading children’s books or YA fiction.

If all you’ve read in this genre since your schooldays is Harry Potter, there’s a whole world out there of supremely talented authors writing for young people. The books are often shorter, the storytelling fantastic, and the very best books have universal themes anyway.

6.         Join a reading group.

Ok, they’re not for everyone, and you may need to look around to find the right one for you. But it may help you to connect with other readers, and give fresh insight into the books you’re reading.

7.         Give yourself permission to abandon any book you’re failing to connect with.

Life is too short, and the world too full of brilliant literature to persevere with anything that is not suiting you. Often it’s a case of ‘right book, wrong time’, so put it away and who knows, one day it may appeal more. 

I hope you find your love for fiction again soon!

If you have any tips, or any sure-fire recommendations for books that can’t fail, please comment below.

AP Yates, March 2022

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