7 tips for reading more fiction

Do you ever get frustrated by those people who share massive stacks of books on their social media accounts and say this is the reading they’ve done THAT MONTH?!

How do these people find so much time to read fiction? And wouldn’t you like to be able to find the time?

Read on for some handy hints that will get you devouring more fiction in no time!

1.         Keep a ‘to-read’ list

Like a Netflix watchlist, this helps you to focus on what you intend to read next, rather than being confronted by the whole history of published literature every time you want to start a book.

2.         Listen to audiobooks

This way you can consume more books while driving, doing chores or walking. It is a fantastic way to revisit books you have read in the past as well. 

3.         Read shorter books

You can read ‘Of Mice and Men’ several times in the same amount of time it would take to tackle Dostoevsky or Dickens. Psychologically, this works well for those who are disheartened by how long it takes to get through an entire book.

4.         Read for pleasure

Pick up a book when you want to. Don’t feel any pressure to finish by a certain date. There’s no one judging you. Make sure it feels fun.

5.         Abandon a book if you’re not enjoying it. 

Life’s too short! There are lots more books on your ‘to-read’ list. Choose something else instead. You can return to it another day. Maybe.

6.         Use your Kindle app

I read lots more since I started doing this. In an idle moment, make a conscious choice to open your Kindle, or your reading app on your phone and read a quick chapter, rather than browsing through social media.

7.         Don’t set goals

Don’t join a reading group if you feel it would put you under pressure. Ignore those people showing off that they read more than you. Relax, read what you love and have fun!

AP Yates, March 2022

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