Why should you hire an educational copywriter? (part 1)

Or, more specifically, why should you hire a former teacher as your education copywriter?

You need an education copywriter because you have fantastic products and ideas that need to reach their target market. Perhaps your dream is for your product to be in every classroom. Maybe your company aspires to inspire the next generation with ideas and information. 

But how do you reach into this market? Perhaps your best bet is to look for someone who has worked within it for years, who knows the sector inside out.

I’m passionate about education and have spent much of my career to date as a secondary school teacher. In fact, over the years I’ve taught students aged from four to eighty!

So when I embarked on my new writing career, the first thing I did was to educate myself. I gained diplomas with distinction in copywriting, copy editing and proofreading. 

Now I can offer writing qualifications alongside my educational expertise.

I have written:

  • Schemes of work;
  • Lesson plans;
  • Assessments and assessment criteria, along with model answers for each level;
  • Informational materials;
  • Worksheets and resources;
  • Differentiated materials for students with additional learning needs;
  • Reports; 
  • Articles for magazines and newsletters.

I am familiar with the jargon, and there is a lot of jargon! Although no longer in school each day, I continue to keep abreast of developments in education. My partner is a full-time teacher. 

Looking at it both ways

I even know how to sell successfully into schools. I have run a literacy programme that recruited, vetted, trained and supported volunteer readers. I’ve sent those letters and emails. I’ve made those calls. I’ve received plenty, too!

I understand this sector. I know its needs, joys and frustrations. I know how young people learn and how teachers think. I will produce quality material to suit both your needs and school requirements.

Hire me to write for you and be assured that you’re in safe, experienced hands.

My portfolio is here.

Drop me a line. Let’s talk about how I can help you today.

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