5 Ways You Can Support World Ocean Day 2022

The international day of awareness of our shared blue planet is an opportunity to celebrate and take action

Oceans are the lifeblood of our amazing planet. Whether you live near the coast or miles inland, we all need a healthy ocean to survive and thrive.

Oceans are essential to regulate our climate. They generate most of our oxygen, are a valuable source of food, and clean the water we drink.

We need to protect the ocean to protect the climate, and our future.

So what can we do to help World Ocean Day 2022? Here are five ways you can become involved.

1. Education

Have you heard of 30×30

It’s the mission to protect at least 30% of our planet’s lands, waters and oceans by 2030. This is the minimum that leading scientists worldwide have declared necessary to have a healthy ocean with abundant wildlife and a more stabilized climate.

More than 90 countries have already committed to protecting at least 30 % of their land by 2030. There is much work still to do.

2. Sign the petition

World Ocean Day organisers have a petition that will take only a moment of your time to sign. It thanks world leaders who have already committed to the 30×30 goals, and asks nation leaders who have not yet adopted the goals to join the movement.

With important decisions to be made in the leadup to a key United Nations Biodiversity Summit (COP-15) in September, it is essential to take action now.

You can sign the petition here.

3. Join or organise an event

There are events being held all over the world. From exhibitions to lectures, crafts to clean ups, check the map and events calendar on the World Ocean Day website to find one suitable for you.

If you’d rather plan your own event, there is a wealth of resources available on the World Ocean Day website to help you. Check the planning toolkit and get involved.

4. Share on social media

If you can’t attend an event in person, why not support online? Attend, or even organise, a virtual event. You can use the social media toolkit to spread the word about 30×30 on your favorite platforms. Or simply copy and paste the QR code below, or share this blog with others.

5. Donate

If you’re able to make a financial contribution to World Ocean Day, you can follow this link to support The Ocean Foundation.

One Ocean, One Climate, One Future

We all have a role to play in our ocean – and the earth’s – future. On World Ocean Day 2022, why not take advantage of this unique opportunity to recognise and celebrate the wonder of our blue planet?

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