Wellness for Women

Advice and support for women at all stages of life

Many women seek advice and support from family, friends or trusted colleagues when they have health issues or need support. However, there are times when this just isn’t possible or appropriate.

There are many sources of help, advice, and support readily available if you own a smartphone or tablet.

I’ve been writing about some of the best apps and online sources of support tailored to women’s needs on Make Use Of. Here are four recent published articles that may be of particular relevance:

7 Apps to Help You Monitor and Understand Your Hormonal Balance

How Apple Fitness+ Helps New Mothers Get Active After Childbirth

8 Emotional Support and Self-Care Apps and Resources for Women

How the SafeUP App Is Helping Women Feel Safer in Public Spaces

I’ll be writing more about some of these wonderful resources in time. For now, I hope something here helps someone!

If you have any comments or ideas, I’d love to hear from you.


“I call upon women to raise each other up, to make each other’s welfare a priority, and to never shame a woman for the choices she makes.”

Frieda Pinto, actress and women’s rights activist

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