How Can Tech Help to Support Families’ Wellbeing?

The best apps, websites and tech to help your family live a healthy life

What tech tools are most helpful for parents to help raise healthy, well-adjusted, resilient children? I’ve spent some time this month pondering some answers to this question. 

Most parents and carers are justifiably wary of social media, apps, and games. Too much screen time is often seen as a negative way for children to spend their precious free time.

While it’s true that there are many pitfalls to avoid, it’s also possible to benefit from some of the fantastic tech tools available to help raise children.

Here are some of the articles I have written for MUO about family wellness.

The 7 Best Apps for Positive Parenting

Use These 9 Valuable Apps to Help Your Child’s Mental and Emotional Health

11 Ways to Support Teen and Young Adult Mental and Emotional Health Using Tech

The Top 10 Apps and Websites for Children’s Nutrition

10 Valuable Apps and Devices for Kids’ Sleep Health

And here’s an article about using hypnobirthing to help with childbirth: 

Hypnobirthing: 7 Great Apps to Help With Childbirth

I hope there are some ideas here to inspire you and provide strategies for your own family.

If you know of any wellness tech that you think helps you to thrive, please let me know!

Thanks for reading,


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