Tips and Advice for Kindle Owners

f you’re thinking of buying a Kindle e-reader, or if you’re a Kindle owner and want to get more out of your device, there are lots of tricks and tips to help you

How do you get the most out of your Amazon Kindle device? There is far more technology packed into these fantastic little e-readers than you would imagine. Most Kindle readers don’t realise the extra features their Kindle possesses.

I’ve been writing about some of these hidden extras for recently.

The Word Wise feature is really easy to enable and use:

How to Enable and Use Word Wise on Your Kindle

Here’s how to use Kindle Vocabulary Builder:

How to Enable and Use Vocabulary Builder on Your Kindle

If you like the Goodreads service, here’s how to get it on your Kindle:

How to Get Goodreads on Kindle

And if you’re still considering taking the plunge into the world of digital readers, take a look at my article pitting the two premium Kindles against each other:

Amazon Kindle Scribe vs. Oasis: Which Is the Best Premium eReader?

Whatever device you choose, and however you use it, happy reading!

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