From Blue Monday to True Faith

Self help and self care: articles to help you feel positive in 2023

I don’t succumb to the media-led nonsense that is Blue Monday. To me, it is and will always be a brilliant New Order single.

Tell me how do I feel

Tell me now how should I feel

New Order – Blue Monday

However, this time last year, every day was a blue Monday, Tuesday, etc. A major dip in health and productivity left me struggling through each day. One year and one surgery later, I am walking in time to the driving New Order bpm, striding out each day with purpose, and reason to dream and to plan.

I feel so extraordinary…

New Order – True Faith

Not so much Blue Monday as True Faith. Isn’t that just the best opening line of any song ever?

In that vein, I’ve been writing for Make Use Of about some great ways to stay positive as we enter 2023. 

There’s no better New Year’s Resolution than the resolve to be kind to yourself, so I covered some great ideas to make this your focus for the year ahead.

Have you ever thought about the benefits of stargazing? I wrote about the mental health benefits of looking up.

There’s lots more on Make Use Of this month. I explored the world of iOS lock screen widgets, finding out how to construct the perfect fitness lock screen for your iPhone, and counting down some of the best fitness lock screen widgets to consider.

At the end of each year, Apple releases its Best Of rundowns. I explored the best new wellness apps that launched in 2022 on the App Store, and I also looked at Apple’s award-winning apps of the year for the programs that have a wellness angle. 

Gentler Streak was my favourite app on this list, and so I looked at this terrific app in more detail, even if I did miss out on the special offer price to go premium. (Tip: do it!) And I had some lovely feedback from those guys.

Because it’s flu season, I wrote about some tech help to keep you healthy and germ-free. And if you are struggling with your mind or need some positive messages, there are lots of great Audible audiobooks and podcasts available to you as part of your membership.

That’s not all. I even researched the best apps for Pilates, and even the best online abs classes, so you don’t have to.

And I was fortunate to be given my first byline in Reader’s Digest, with an article about how to use tech to escape the over-consumption of bad news.

I’m just starting out on Term 2 of an intensive course on writing for children. More on this another time. In the meantime, thank you for reading, and if I can write for you, or help you with any copywriting, proofreading, or copy editing, please get in touch. I’m happy to help.

I get this feeling I’m in motion

A sudden sense of liberty

New Order – True Faith

Have a great 2023!

Thanks for reading,


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