How a New Apple Watch Inspired a Health Journey and a Few Thousand Words on Wellness

A Roundup of Recent Well-Being Articles

My trusty Apple Watch gave up the ghost recently. Not ideal for a wellness writer. But the real pain was in finishing an intensive exercise routine, only to find all of the metrics reading 0. Buying a replacement (Apple Watch SE) opened my eyes to how much these amazing devices can do, if we let them.

Articles About Apple Wellness features

The shiny new Apple Watch inspired a few Apple-related articles for MUO. This month I explored how to close those activity rings each day and how to create the perfect Apple Watch face for working out. I’ve also written about how to share health data in the iOS Health app, and how to view and change the apps that share data with Apple Health

Now that Apple Fitness+ can be accessed without a smartwatch, I’ve also written about how to make the most of Apple Fitness+ using just your iPhone. Get started with one of the best Apple Fitness+ workouts from 2022, as selected by Apple. And if you subscribe to Apple One and you also get access to it, try using Apple Music for your wellness needs as well as your source of brilliant music. I’ve also detailed how you can listen to your Apple Music Replay for 2023 so far. Mine features a lot of Wilco.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep Using Tech

There’s more. I’ve explored how to make the most of power napping. I never take a nap, but this article gives me an excuse to do so. And I also went in search of how tech can help improve your circadian rhythm. Anything for a good night’s sleep!

Well-Being During the Working Day

Having spent a lot of time at my desk writing, I’ve been looking for some solutions to make the most of my working day. I’ve investigated some welfare tools you can install right on your Mac to help you through your working day. You can also practice welfare journaling from your desktop with these Mac apps. And if you need one, here are some sources for a quick pep talk if your day’s not going so well. And some meditation tools to make the process as easy as possible.

Getting Back to Nature for Inspiration

Finally, I’ve been getting back to nature with a spot of forest bathing exploration. And a few days spent in sheer bliss at my spiritual home in Northumberland, walking the coast and retreating to a lovely little harborside cottage to work on my children’s book and dream a little.

It’s been a busy few weeks, with new clients coming on board and further work for existing ones. I’m loving it all. If I can write for you, please get in touch! 

Thanks for reading!


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