Exploring New Technology: Apple, Audible, Apps

This month I’ve been writing about the new Apple Music Classical and Audible Spatial Audio services, as well as exploring some of the best apps and tech for well-being

This month has been spent exploring new audio-visual delights. First, I wrote about the new Apple Music Classical service for MUO. Here’s what you need to know about this excellent streaming service, and how best to navigate your way around Apple Music Classical’s extensive content.

Images credit: Apple
Image credit: Apple

I also spent a few hours immersed in Dickensian London in order to explore what Audible’s Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio content sounds like through Apple Airpods Pro. Turns out, the consequences of Oliver Twist daring to ask for “more” is pretty terrifying, whether you read, watch, or listen to it. The experience is effective, if a little unnerving on a quiet dog walk. However, as an avid reader, I love fictional worlds coming to life via the words and the atmosphere conjured by my own imagination. That’s why I generally opt for  non-fiction audiobooks, and so I’m not totally convinced this is for me. But there’s no denying the production quality, and I’m sure these titles will be a huge hit.

Elsewhere, my wellness articles have included a rundown on the best healthy eating apps around and a more in-depth exploration of what personalised breathing app Breath Hub has to offer. I’ve looked at some useful alternatives to the official Wim Hof Method app, so you can explore this breathing and cold therapy approach to well-being in the manner that suits you best.

I’ve looked at how to use colo(u)r therapy in your Apple tech, and how best to use a microbreak from work to rest and reset your mind. Finally, here’s some great YouTube channels to help you avoid a panic attack.

I had a really positive meeting with my editor at the end of the second term of my year-long course on writing a novel for young people. Time is flying by! I’m going to make a real effort to stop being so overwhelmed by the incredibly talented people around me. It’s definitely time to kick my imposter syndrome to the kerb to ensure I really make the most of the final term of this incredible opportunity.

Thanks for reading, and please get in touch if you’d like to work with me on any projects.

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