Magazine feature

Name of publication: EOS Magazine

Title of article: Photo Therapy

Brief: To explain the value and use of a Canon macro lens in nature photography, and how the process aids mindfulness.

Date published: January-March 2019

Response: This is an excerpt from a letter received by the editor from a reader:

I always enjoy my EOS magazine. The photos themselves are a real treat and much of the advice is really helpful though sometimes I find, despite being a ‘beginner/enthusiast’ photographer for many decades, the technical/numerical references quite hard going.
Which is why I found reading Angela Yates’ article so interesting and enjoyable. OK it was mainly about a particular lens but the invitation to spend an hour or so simply observing ‘the beautiful intricacies of the natural world around us’ must be one not to refuse.
More about mindfulness and  photography as therapy please?!

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